Pivot doors’ hinges are mounted on the top and bottom side of the door, instead of on the side wall. Contemporary pivot doors do not rotate on an extension of the vertical axis but a pivot hinge system and a top pivot. The pivot hinge system is mortised inside the bottom of the door, and the top pivot is mortised inside the top of the door. Both are invisible on the finished door. These pivot hinges are placed at any desired position in the door. This determines the location of the vertical axis – the spindle – on which the door pivots.

Advantages of a Pivot Door

01 /You can make a larger size entrance

A pivot door can deviate from the measurements of regular doors. A pivot door can simply be much larger. They allow for higher but also wider doors than traditional hinged doors. Pivot doors can easily carry much larger weights which it disposes of through the floor. In Doorwin, we adopted world-famous Dormakaba pivot hinges, our pivot door can weigh a sash up to 1000 lbs.

02 /A new trend in contemporary houses

Portella, a maker of doors and windows and an American Institute of Architects member, comments on current home trends. In their view, pivot doors are one of the latest trends in architectural design. With dramatic style and better pivot hinge technology, these doors are poised to appeal to more people.

In Doorwin, we support full custom service when you purchase a pivot door, you can make whatever the patterns, colors, or glazing size on your door, and the pivot hinge can mortise on the middle of the opening or closer to the side wall.

Casement Entry Systems

Based on our product line, we categorize our casement doors into several types, the distinction is made according to the material and the different hardware systems, and energy-efficiency performance.

01 / German System Energy Efficient Entry Door

The major difference between this system and regular doors is the hardware system. For windows and doors, hardware is as important as the engine is to the car. In Doorwin, we use full German Roto and Siegenia multi-lock systems, it made this kind of entry door has the same frame and sash closing as the windows, the door sash surroundings form a complete seal when fully closed, this gives the entry door unparalleled safety, energy efficiency, and sound insulation performance. Together with Technoform Bautec’s insulation edge bond and sealant strips, these make up our products' top insulation and energy efficiency performance.

But the only drawback is that because of the completely sealed closure (that’s what brings this product more energy efficiency), the entry door of this system must have a certain height threshold, if you want a low threshold opening but also want good insulation, you can see the next products.

This is one of our case located in Victoria, Canada, the traditional solid red oak door makes this private house looks elegant and discreet. The owner of the house was very demanding of energy performance and safety issues, so we provided him with solid wood materials and a multi-point lock system and sealing configuration. Depending on the use scenario and the size of the doorway, we offered several entry doors as 2 sashes and single sash. Custom sidelites provide a unique view and also compensate for the corridor's lighting issues.

02 / Automatic Door Bottom System Entry Door

This kind of door sash featured a high-quality automatic door bottom, it can bring you nice insulation and weatherproof functions without a high threshold on your door.

An automatic door bottom is a type of mechanically operated weatherstripping material used to seal gaps between the bottom of a door and the floor. The mechanism usually consists of a horizontal bar fitted to the door. When the door is closed the bar drops down; once the door is opened, the bar retracts up.

This mechanical system provides maximum easy-access without losing any insulation performance.

03 / American Style Entry Door

Also called hinged door, its sash is connected to the frame by traditional hinges, and with a low threshold, it can bring a clearer line on your front appearance. But the main disadvantage is that the seal is not as good as the entry door with the German hardware system, and the energy efficiency performance may be reduced. For this reason, we will provide some top-quality materials for the doors, minimizing energy loss.

There are several products we offered, solid wood American-style entry features a number of customizable options: you can choose the glazing size, the grille patterns, and transom or arch top designs. Our selection of premium exterior wood doors is available in durable and beautiful wood species such as Mahogany wood, Oak, Andean Walnut, Cherry, and Knotty Alder wood. In between, we are confident you’ll find the one wood door that will create a stunning statement and also give guests an idea of your home’s interior.

04 / Modern Iron Entry Doors

Iron doors offer an air of uniqueness and elegance to a home. With their luxurious patterns and beautiful finishes, wrought iron doors can provide your home with a bounty of aesthetics and security. Home safety is significantly increased with iron door entries. Under extreme weather conditions, they can protect your door from the damage of objects and debris, and their strength is sure to deter even the best of burglars. Iron is one of the most resilient and durable materials you can select for front doors. On average, iron doors are resistant to moisture, rot, fire, and a variety of insects. Most importantly, since iron front doors exude elegance, they will add value to your home.

The only disadvantage is that because it is made of metal, the insulation performance may be poor, so we generally recommend that the iron door is installed with a large piece of high-performance thermal insulation glass, such as double or triple pane Low-E laminated glass.

This modern house, coupled with Doorwin iron entry doors, gives a very impressive first impact. this prestigious entrance door naturally accommodates a specially designed grille and glass insert in the metal panel, for a perfect harmony of colors and materials, compare with the overall contemporary design. Doorwin also provided a set of double pane Low-E glass (thickness: 19mm) to this project, making a improvement for the overall energy-saving performance.

Doorwin Custom Options

As the most popular opening method for exterior entry doors, Doorwin can provide various custom options to make your project unique. All three casement doors of the above hardware systems can be created in a fully customizable way

01 / Number of Door Sashes:

When you consider the casement door, you will choose whether you need a single door or a pair of doors according to the size of the door opening, all of our hardware systems can be designed and modified for your needs.

02 / 250+ RAL Colors:

To meet any décor and atmosphere, we are able to provide polyester powder coating tech to a range of 250+ RAL colors, with the extra metallic polish finish and matte finish asoptions.

03 / Materials:

Solid wood. Alu-clad, and Aluminum.

For wood species, we are able to provide many qualified wood types, such as pine, oak, cherry, larch, maple, mahogany, and teak. We carefully select the quality woods from their origin places. Our oak and pine are from USA or Canada, teak is from Southeast Asia.

For aluminum, we use only the highest quality thermal break aluminum.

04 / Custom Grilles:

Fully customizable grilles patterns can be made in three types

TDL/ADL (true divided lites/authentic divided lites)

SDLS (simulated divided lites with spacer bar)

GBG (grilles between the glass)

05 / Specialty Shapes & Accessories:

Including fully customizable sash and frame shapes, transom, side lites, and glazing patterns on the door.

06 / Custom Glazing Options:

Full-custom patterns in etched glazing, we can create the most unique look glazing for your very own project.