Commercial Project of La Quinta

Project Introduction

The La Quinta Inn by Wyndham in Little Elm, Texas is located in a prime location, boasting stunning views of the surrounding natural beauty. Situated in the downtown of the city, this hotel offers guests easy access to nearby attractions, including local restaurants, shopping centers, and entertainment venues. With its picturesque location and modern design, the La Quinta Inn by Wyndham in Little Elm is the perfect choice for travelers seeking comfort and convenience during their stay in Texas.

As a leading window and door supplier in the area, we were thrilled to be a part of this exciting project, we provided over 200 sashes of thermal break aluminum windows and doors for this hotel, making it a massive undertaking. Our team of experts worked closely with the hotel's designers and construction team to ensure that each and every window and door was perfectly tailored to the hotel's specific needs and style. one of the challenges that we faced in this project was to meet the building code requirements. According to the code, this type of building should not have openable windows on the exterior. However, we designed sets of aluminum windows that consist of a fixed window on the upper part and a louver on the lower part to maintain the basic needs of air circulation and ventilation. This design not only meets the building code requirements but also ensures the guests' comfort and safety.

Furthermore, in compliance with the building code, we have designed the fixed windows to be non-openable. Instead, we have incorporated aluminum louvers in some areas, allowing for ventilation while still maintaining the security and safety of the guests.

We take pride in knowing that our high-quality windows and doors will provide the guests of La Quinta Inn with the utmost comfort and security during their stay. With our commitment to excellence and attention to detail, we guarantee that our products will exceed the expectations of both the hotel and its guests.

All of the windows and doors used in this project are designed to be durable and long-lasting, requiring minimal maintenance and providing maximum energy efficiency. This helps to ensure that the hotel not only looks great but also operates efficiently and cost-effectively.

Products Used

Aluminum Slim Frame Fixed Windows

In this project, each and every one of these windows and doors were made from premium quality aluminum and double pane tempered glass. However, these were not just any ordinary double pane windows. Our team opted to use Low-E coated and argon gas-filled glass to increase energy efficiency and ensure maximum insulation for the hotel. The fixed windows themselves have an impressive U-factor of 0.18, which is well below the industry standard for energy efficiency. We understand that in a commercial building, every element must serve a purpose, and we are proud to offer windows that not only provide natural light and aesthetic value, but also help with energy savings.


The ultra-slim frames of our fixed windows are not only sleek and modern, but also provide maximum viewing area for the guests of the hotel. With our high-performance glazing units, the windows are able to provide excellent insulation and reduce the transfer of heat, making them ideal for any climate. 

Auto Sliding Doors

The auto sliding doors we provided for the La Quinta Inn project are a perfect combination of functionality and style. The thermal break aluminum frames provide excellent insulation, which ensures that the building maintains a consistent temperature throughout the year, and the double pane tempered glass panels offer optimal safety and security for the guests. These materials not only provide exceptional energy efficiency and security, but also contribute to the sleek and modern aesthetic of the building.

The key feature of our auto sliding doors is the combination of convenience and high-performance materials. Our doors are designed to provide effortless access while maintaining the highest level of durability and safety. The sensor is just one component of the door that contributes to this seamless experience.

Our sensors are highly sensitive and durable, capable of detecting movement and opening the door with ease. They are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and extreme weather conditions, ensuring that the door functions reliably at all times.

Emergency Exit Doors

The La Quinta Inn project required a number of emergency exit doors to be installed throughout the building. Our Glass Emergency Exit Door is made of tempered glass that has been specifically designed to withstand high temperatures and prevent the spread of flames.

In addition to the fire-rated glass, fire doors must also be equipped with fire-rated hardware to ensure proper function and safety in case of a fire. Our Glass Emergency Exit Door features German-imported hardware systems that have been designed to provide a safe and efficient exit in case of an emergency. This includes hinges, locks, panic bars, and door closers, all of which must also meet fire-rated standards.


The hinges must be able to support the weight of the door and be fire-rated to resist failure under high heat conditions. The locks must be able to withstand the heat and remain functional in case of a fire. Panic bars are required for emergency exits to ensure quick and easy egress, and they must be fire-rated as well. Finally, a fire-rated door closer is required to prevent the door from staying open and allowing smoke and flames to spread.

With the sheer scale of this project, it was important for us to maintain our commitment to quality and attention to detail. Every window and door was meticulously crafted to meet our high standards, ensuring that the final product not only looks great but also performs at the highest level.

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Design Assistance Service

In addition to providing top-quality windows and doors at affordable prices, we also offer design assistance services to help clients accurately control their budgets. Our expert team can analyze your overall plan and provide a schematic design that helps determine which products fit within your cost parameters. We understand that cost is often a primary concern, which is why we offer recommendations such as using lower-cost products in inconspicuous locations to reduce the overall budget. For example, if a room is not exposed to long periods of sunlight, we may recommend not using Low-E glass. In unimportant rooms such as toilets or storage rooms, we may suggest using PVC or aluminum windows instead of solid wood windows. Our goal is to ensure that our clients can achieve their design vision while staying within their budget.

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