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What Makes Doorwin Attractive?

In this modern era, the aesthetic appearance of your house’s fenestration is one of the most important factors determining your property’s value. Doorwin doors and windows are made from the finest materials and designed to last for years. Our products are easy to install and require minimal maintenance, making them perfect for new and existing homes.

Save your money on the installation costs

01 / Easy Installation

Installation is easy with us. We have several international patents that reduce labor costs including our unique flanges and assembly-type tubular design. It helps to install the windows easily. What sets us apart from our Chinese counterparts is that all our products are equipped with nail fin structures for quick and easy installation. Labor costs during installation may exceed the window and door prices, therefore, the longer the project takes, you are losing more money. We help our customer make the work done in a shorter time. In this way, it saves more money for them.

Guarantee the durability of products for 25 years

02 / Maintenance Free

We are a trusted provider of windows and doors to the USA for years. Our product’s quality and performance are unmatched. Our customers are satisfied with their windows and doors, they get back to us with testimonials and are glad to recommend us to new buyers. We provide top-quality profiles and fully tempered glass, German-imported hardware systems. In our opinion, quality means never having to compromise. Our research and development team ensured that you still get unrivaled thermal insulation, durability, and top-quality hardware on a 10 years warranty. The TPS glazing ensures no air leakage and fogging issues for 25 years warranty.

With high-productivity factories, we save your time on delivery

03 / 18 Days Manufacturing Time

You're probably concerned about the manufacturing time when you purchase windows from a foreign company. We can send you pictures and videos of our factories so you can see how we make the products. Our manufacturing time is about 18 days, and shipping takes about 45 days, your windows will arrive at your doorstep. The fastest will be 30 days if it's an urgent project.

Our factories are large enough to handle large projects while remaining competitive. We have over 100,000㎡ factory areas with 500,000㎡ /year production capacity, so we can make the fastest possible production and delivery of our products to meet your time demands.

Factory-to-home direct sales,1/3 of the price among your local dealers in the EU & USA

04 / Save Overall Cost

We offer a transparent pricing model for our customers. This means that when you finalize your purchase, the price you pay is the same as the one we quoted you in the beginning. We do not charge additional fees or extra costs.
You can compare our prices with those of local manufacturers and see for yourself why our products are so much cheaper than theirs. This is because China’s manufacturing industry has grown to be a global manufacturing central axis that has rewritten the global landscape with its own strength. Now not only do we lead the world trend in crafting but also focus on design and aesthetics. Now I can proudly tell you that we can offer top-quality products at a third of the price of local merchants in Europe and America.

When you buy windows and doors in China, there are several concerns that you need to be aware of. First, the products you choose should be made with top-quality materials and performed well to ensure that they last long. Second, the price must be affordable so that you can save money. Third, you should also look out for hidden costs, such as transportation fees and installation charges. Finally, it is important to find a reliable partner who can provide after-sales service if anything goes wrong with your purchase.
Doorwin is here to help you with all these concerns. We have been providing our partners with top-quality products at affordable prices and we have worked hard to build up our reputation for providing excellent customer service through our customer support team who are trained in both domestic and international standards. We are very happy to be able to offer this service to all our customers in China and around the world, who will benefit from having access to high-quality products at affordable prices while also ensuring their satisfaction through our excellent after-sales service

Doorwin is a solution-oriented company that provides high-quality door and window solutions for the North American market. We have been in business for over ten years, and during that time we've developed a reputation for providing our clients with professional plans and meaningful design that meets all of their highly customized demands.

We are responsible for controlling the budget and ensuring that the overall plan is within cost parameters. This includes providing schematic designs to help clients determine products within those parameters. For example, it may be possible to use lower-cost products in inconspicuous locations to reduce the overall budget. If the direction of sunlight is not under long time sunlight, do not use Low-E glass; use PVC windows or aluminum windows instead of solid wood windows in unimportant rooms such as toilets or storage rooms.

After-sale Service
Our Words:reply Within 3hours Give Solutions Within 24 Hours

Installation Operation Manual & Video, Ensure That The Installation Is Successfully Completed

5-layer Packing Protection, Avoid In Transportation Knock Against Damage

Customs Clearance Service

Trade Assurance Protects Trade Safety!

On-Time Shipment Protection

Transferable 10 Years Warranty

Million-Dollar Project, 18 Days Delivery

Doorwin Meets Your Highest Expectations

15 Years of Experience

At Doorwin, we believe we offer the best value in the windows and doors industry. With 15 years of experience and being one of the largest windows and doors manufacturers in China, this gave us the unique opportunity to sell our products directly to customers, eliminating traditional distributor and retail markups. We strengthen our value by providing what we believe is the most extensive pre-and-after-sales service to assist our customers in selecting the best products for climate, aesthetics, and budget issues. Lastly, we design and engineer our products to maximize performance while minimizing failures and promoting ease of service.


"We are thrilled with it. the unit went together very well and easily, except for being very heavy, but we dealt with it fine. The quality of the unit is excellent and it functions extremely well. The hardware you used is fantastic and seems to be very good quality."


"By the way, amazing product. I was expecting good quality, but this is better than I expected. I would be interested in doing business with you and importing for future clients. Let’s talk opportunities in the next few weeks when my schedule will be freer after I moved in."


"We received your windows today. It is absolutely beautiful and very high quality. We love it. Installation is going well, thank you. I look forward to showing you this project with your windows; very impressive."

Energy Efficient Windows & Doors

The word “energy efficiency” is undoubtedly one of the most frequent words in recent years. I have heard the saying that in the next 20 years, the most energy consumed is not industry, not transportation, but our house. The energy consumption of doors and windows occupies a large proportion of the houses’ energy consumption.

Doorwin has been focusing on this issue for many years, and we have created several energy-efficient products to solve this problem. Every type of Doorwin’s product is made for higher performance of energy efficiency, reaching the highest level of US and EU standards, no matter the sound and thermal insulation or the air and water tightness. Doorwin’s energy-efficient Integrated Glazing Units featured double-pane glass, warm-edge spacers, argon gas fill, Low-E coatings, and fully tempered glass. They can not only create a comfortable and natural indoor environment but also save electricity bills and heating bills around 100~300 USD per month according to your whole building’s fenestration areas. That’s a real bargain compared to choosing a regular set.

Provide the Professional Door-to-door Services

When you first start buying items from China, you're likely to feel a little overwhelmed by the process. There's so much to think about! How will I get my goods? What do I need to prepare? Do I need to pay any taxes?
We know that it can be difficult to find reliable information when you're new to importing, so we've simplified things for you. With Doorwin Door-to-Door service, our specialized transportation team takes care of everything including the customs clearance and documentation—you don't even have to worry about getting your goods through customs! All you have to do is sit back and wait for your goods to arrive at your door

Guarantee 0 Damage Packaging , Detailed Instructions for Easy Installation

As one of China's largest exporters of windows and doors, we know the importance of proper packaging. When your product arrives on site, it's likely to be handling a lot of stress. If it's not packaged properly, it can break during transport and delay your installation schedule. We take every precaution to ensure that this doesn't happen—we pack each window individually and in four layers, then place them in non-fumigated wooden boxes for protection. The containers are filled with shockproof measures to protect your products during long-distance transportation.
We are very experienced in packaging and protecting our products to ensure they arrive at the sites in good condition. What the client concerns, we concern most.

Consistent Product Design

We believe that the best way to create a premium product is by listening to our customers. We are constantly bringing out new design types and designs, but we never forget that our designers are here to make your great ideas into premium products.

01 Preliminary Sketch

Our experts will do the hand drawings based on your descriptions.

02 Drawing Optimization

The professional CAD drawing process is a critical part of the design stage of any product. It involves material selection and modeling, as well as custom decoration style.

03 Overall Home Style

We are committed to providing our customers with consistent product design that is custom-made and delivered on time. We have a team of experts who will help you specify your project details with the use of architectural drawings, delivery schedules, and logistics services while keeping costs to the minimum.

What Projects Can We Take?

We are tested by the following standards:
-NFRC (North American Fenestration Rating Council)
-AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association)
-WNMA (Wood National Monument Association)
-CSA101 (Canadian Standards Association)
-I.S.2 (International Standard ISO/IEC 17025)
-A440-11 (Standard for Fire Testing of Door Assemblies for Charging Rooms)