In the bustling heart of Queens, New York, stands an architectural marvel at 31st Street—a grand testament to urban sophistication and modern design. This commercial project, reminiscent of a high-end hotel, unfolds a narrative of luxury and functionality. Doorwin takes pride in contributing over 200 sash windows and doors to this masterpiece, seamlessly blending form and function within the stringent embrace of New York's building regulations.

Windows and doors curated by Doorwin infuse a touch of modernity into this urban oasis. The interplay of natural light and sleek lines creates an ambiance that resonates with luxury. Each window and door, meticulously crafted, bears the stamp of Doorwin's dedication to quality and innovation.

Doorwin Tilt & Turn Windows for Modern Cities

Energy-Efficient Profile and Glazing Sets

At the heart of the 70S series lies the exquisite craftsmanship of thermally broken aluminum profiles. Engineered with precision, these profiles don't merely delineate the window; they serve as guardians of energy efficiency. Embracing the double-pane tempered glass with Low-E coatings and argon gas fill, every window in this series harmonizes aesthetics with functionality. The promise of a 0.22 U-factor isn't just a boast; it's a commitment to meet the stringent building codes of New York City. .

Queens, a borough that pulsates with diverse energies, sets the stage for this commercial endeavor. The climate, marked by the ebb and flow of the seasons, demands a careful consideration of energy efficiency and insulation. Doorwin, equipped with a keen understanding of New York's architectural landscape, steps into the scene, offering more than just windows and doors—it presents a symphony of design and performance.

Doorwin's dedication to excellence is certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). Each window undergoes rigorous testing, ensuring not only compliance but an elevated standard of thermal performance that befits the dynamic urban environment of New York.

Doorwin's MultiMate Mulling System

With our new MultiMate Mulling System patent, we've made it easier than ever for our clients to connect multiple windows together to create a larger window system. Our unique mulling system allows for seamless integration between windows, creating a smooth, clean line that enhances the overall look and feel of the window system.

The MultiMate Mulling System is designed to be easy to use and install, with a simple, intuitive interface that makes it easy to connect and disconnect windows as needed. The system is also built to be durable and long-lasting, ensuring that our clients can enjoy the benefits of a seamless window system for years to come.

German Hardware, Versatile Functionality

As we step into the tale of 31st Street, Queens, NY, with Doorwin as the orchestrator of this architectural symphony, we invite you to witness the fusion of form and function, where luxury meets practicality in the vibrant canvas of New York's urban landscape.

The 70S series is not just a window; it's an experience crafted with German-imported hardware. The tilt & turn opening functions redefine convenience and versatility. The hardware system, a silent symphony of quality, offers smooth operations and a secure, airtight seal. Whether it's the gentle tilt for ventilation or the full turn for a clear view, the 70S series adapts to the user's needs effortlessly.

Customization Unleashed

Designing windows and doors for a commercial project in New York demands a level of precision and compliance that Doorwin proudly embraces. The project at 31st Street is a testament to our commitment to meet, and even exceed, the strict building laws of this iconic city. Our products not only adhere to regulatory standards but elevate them, setting new benchmarks in safety, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal.

In the diverse urban landscape of New York, individuality is key. Doorwin understands this, offering a palette of customizable options for each window in the 70S series. From a spectrum of colors that echo personal aesthetics to shapes that defy convention, every detail is an opportunity for self-expression. This level of customization ensures that each window isn't just a part of the building; it's a reflection of the occupant's unique style.

Doorwin For Your Business

When you choose Doorwin Commercial, you're not just selecting a fenestration provider; you're forging a partnership that leverages a wealth of experience and resources. Here's why collaborating with Doorwin is the strategic choice for your business:

Proven Track Record and Local Compliance:

Extensive Commercial Portfolio: For nearly 2 decades, Doorwin has an impressive track record of successfully delivering commercial projects throughout the United States and Canada. Our extensive portfolio spans various industries, showcasing our adaptability to diverse project requirements.

NA Local Certifications: We understand the importance of adhering to local regulations and quality standards. Doorwin is proud to hold all necessary North American certifications, ensuring that our products meet stringent safety and performance criteria.

Tailored Solutions and Unmatched Support:

·Customization Expertise: Your project is unique, and we recognize that one size doesn't fit all. Doorwin Commercial offers personalized design assistance, allowing you to tailor windows and doors to your precise specifications. Whether it's a specific aesthetic, size, or performance requirement, we've got you covered.

·Efficiency and Responsiveness: Time is of the essence in commercial projects. Doorwin Commercial is renowned for its rapid turnaround times. We're committed to delivering your fenestration products promptly, keeping your project on track.

·Always Accessible: Our commitment to your success extends beyond regular business hours. With 24/7 online services, you can reach us whenever you need assistance, ensuring seamless communication and problem-solving.

Robust Manufacturing Capabilities and Warranty Assurance:

·State-of-the-Art Manufacturing: Doorwin's strength lies in our three wholly owned manufacturing plants across China. These state-of-the-art facilities boast cutting-edge technology and large-scale production capacity, making us well-equipped to meet the demands of even the most substantial projects.

·Peace of Mind: All Doorwin Commercial products come with a 10-year warranty, a testament to our confidence in their durability and performance. This warranty ensures that your investment is protected for the long haul.