A new residential haven is taking shape in the heart of Rockvale, Tennessee. The Patterson Road Project, currently under construction, symbolizes the perfect amalgamation of contemporary luxury and conscious design. This venture stands as a testament to Doorwin Windows & Doors' commitment to crafting spaces that unite aesthetic appeal with energy efficiency.


Project Portfolio: Nestled in Nature's Embrace

Rockvale, Tennessee, is a locale that boasts a diverse range of natural beauty, from sprawling forests to open meadows. It's a place where stunning vistas unveil themselves at every turn, and it's this very backdrop that has been the source of inspiration for our latest project. We're crafting a space that harmonizes with the grandeur of the great outdoors, blurring the boundaries between interior and exterior. At the heart of this vision are the exceptional windows and doors provided by Doorwin.

Bi-fold Door: The Seamlessness of Space

The transition from inside to outside and back again is essential in modern architectural design. It is within these transitional spaces that the harmony between nature and home is achieved. With a keen understanding of this, Doorwin has engineered doors and windows that are not just architectural elements but serve as conduits to merge interior and exterior spaces. The installation of the 10-panel bi-fold door introduces an incredible connection with the surrounding natural beauty.

What sets the Doorwin bi-fold Door apart is its remarkable design. The door consists of 10 panels, each attached to the track. When opened, these panels fold neatly to the side, creating an expansive and unobstructed entrance to the scenery. It's as if a part of your home effortlessly blends with the natural world beyond. It's a connection that allows you to savor every season, whether it's the vibrant colors of spring, the warmth of summer, or the cozy ambiance of fall.


Moreover, the bi-fold door is engineered for maximum comfort. When closed, it ensures an excellent seal, preventing drafts, moisture, and dust from entering your living spaces. That's why we craft these doors with precision engineering, using thermal break technology to ensure your home's comfort year-round. This door is not just a portal to nature; it's a testament to our commitment to sustainability. 

Aluminum Casement Windows: Classic Taste of Americana

At Doorwin, we appreciate that efficiency and beauty need not be mutually exclusive. Our design philosophy revolves around creating windows and doors that represent a symphony of elegance, functionality, and energy efficiency. In the context of the Patterson Road Project, this translates to more than just structures; it's a celebration of form and function, where every window is a work of art.

What sets our aluminum casement windows apart is their exceptional energy efficiency. Equipped with double-pane tempered glass, Low-E coatings, and argon gas filling, they offer an insulation level that's unparalleled. These low U-factor windows make interiors remain comfortable year-round, with lower energy bills to match.

Our aluminum casement windows are operated by a convenient crank mechanism, a popular choice among homeowners in the USA. This feature allows for easy control of ventilation and adds to the modern, sleek aesthetic of the windows.

In this project, the casement windows have been tailored to meet specific aesthetic preferences. The addition of 6-lite grilles brings a sense of sophistication to the overall design. This not only adds an elegant touch but also complements the architectural style of the home, creating a harmonious blend of form and function. 

Doorwin Integrated Glazing Units: Energy Efficiency Unleashed

The energy efficiency of our products lies at the core of what we do at Doorwin. We're committed to providing you with windows, doors, and curtain walls that not only enhance the aesthetics of your living or working spaces but also significantly reduce your energy consumption.

How do we achieve this level of energy efficiency? Our glazing sets are at the forefront of energy-efficient design. We use double-pane tempered glass, which not only offers enhanced security but also excellent insulation properties. Additionally, our Low-E (low emissivity) coatings and argon gas filling between the glass panes further improve insulation and reduce heat transfer. The result is a product that helps maintain a comfortable indoor environment, no matter the weather conditions outside.


Not only do our products enhance energy efficiency, but they also help reduce energy costs. Your space stays comfortable and well-insulated, meaning you'll rely less on heating and cooling systems. This translates into lower utility bills and a reduced carbon footprint, contributing to a healthier environment.

German Hardware: Cutting-Edge Techs Loaded

Our commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of our products. At Doorwin, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing you with the best in quality, performance, and aesthetics. One of the cornerstones of our commitment is the incorporation of pure European imported hardware systems sourced from Germany and Belgium.


Operational Versatility

Our products are celebrated for their versatility, thanks to the innovative design and engineering inherent in our European hardware systems. Whether you are using casement windows that can switch seamlessly between modes, or bi-fold (accordion) doors that fold effortlessly along their tracks, our hardware ensures that your experience is seamless.


Aesthetic Appeal

Beauty is in the details, and our European hardware systems exemplify this. The handles and hardware not only function with precision but also add an elegant touch to your windows and doors. They come in a variety of finishes and styles, allowing you to customize your fenestration to complement your interior decor. 

Long-Term Reliability

When we say we provide top-quality products, we mean it. With the inclusion of European hardware, you can trust in the long-term durability and reliability of our windows and doors. We back this assurance with a 10-year warranty. 

Why Doorwin

Factory Strength and Precision Craftsmanship

Our three wholly-owned manufacturing plants, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, are the backbone of Doorwin's operations. With meticulous attention to detail, we craft every window and door to perfection. Our expertise in precision engineering, combined with the finest materials, ensures that each product meets the highest quality standards.

5-Layers Packaging

We export tens of millions of dollars of windows and doors to the U.S. every year, and we know that improper packaging can cause breakage of the product when it arrives on site, and the biggest loss from this is, I'm afraid, the cost of time, after all, workers on site have requirements of working time and it needs to wait for a new shipment to arrive in case of damage occurs to the goods. So, we pack each window individually and in four layers, and finally into (non-fumigated) wooden boxes, and at the same time, there will be a lot of shockproof measures in the container, to protect your products. We are very experienced in how to pack and protect our products to ensure they arrive at the sites in good condition after long-distance transportation. What the client concerned; we concern most.

Each layer of the outer packaging will be labeled to guide you on how to install, it to avoid delaying the progress due to incorrect installation.

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