If you’re looking for that perfect blend of style and functionality, you won’t be disappointed when you choose from Doorwin selection of bifold doors. If you’re unsure of what a bifold door actually is, the clue is in the name! Multiple panes of glass are attached by hinges, which can be easily folded into one another and away.

Project Portfolio

This project is located in Salt Lake City, it’s a newly built private house. Since the project is in a region with cold winters and hot summers: high and dry sunburn in summer and strong winds that can whip through the winter, we need to provide the new house with enhanced energy efficiency and help our clients stay comfortable throughout the year. Our experts decided to use thermal break aluminum profiles with a double-glazing system.

Doorwin Heavy-DutyThermal Break Bifold Door

The existence of these doors made the exterior area became the perfect continuation of the interior room. With Low-E laminated double glasses, the bifolds create a modern residence feeling while providing superior functionality.

Other than the bifold door, all the windows for this project were provided by Doorwin, too. Including the thermal break tilt & turn windows and trapezoid windows, all products have the same specifications as the bifold door.

Considering climatic issues and the design needs of our customers, we offered a customized opening system with the upper half fixed window and the lower half tilt and turn window.

Custom-made Trapezoid Windows

Besides the tilt and turn windows, we also offered trapezoid windows to fit the overall architectural style.

Two colors on one window or door

Doorwin's one-window-two-colors option is available on all product lines and window styles.

In this case, the client wants to add white windows and doors for a timeless look and to meet the overall interior decoration, but white doesn’t compare to the exterior aesthetic. So, we give him the one-window-two-colors solution with black exterior frames and white interior frames. This solution completely fulfilled our client's wish.

About Our Bifold Doors

In all large opening solutions, bifold patio doors provide a great amount of light and the best unobstructed view of your home. Suitable for many different typologies, having the greatest advantage of corner opening without any column. This unique feature ensures maximum transparency and easy opening. Another practical feature is that one leaf can act as an opening door without interrupting the other folding leaves.

1) Tempered One-lite low-e with argon insulating glass

2) Available thermal break aluminum profile or solid wood interior extruded

aluminum clad exterior

3) Outswing wervice panel (Based upon configuration)

4) Mortise latch or multi-point locking systems on service panel

5) Adjustable hinges

6) Three brands hardware system options to meet every size needs.
Doors can be up to 6 meters wide with a sash width of up to 1 meter-meaning
less profile, more glass and slimmer slghtlines

Among all the big doors, bifold doors save more space and allow the maximum amount of light. bifold doors are ideal for a house with a big opening, especially or exterior door. There will be a great place for a garden party, yard barbecue, and other gatherings.

Large bifold doors create an amazing atmosphere with flexibility options like no other door. Completely open, partially open, or fully closed – the ability to control the interior / exterior divide brings maximum function. They are the perfect solution for added natural light and airflow in your home. With quality aluminum, we are able to reach the highest glass-to-frame ratio, meaning the clearest line of sight on the market today.

Doorwin bifold doors are available in multiple threshold options in order to perfectly match all comfort and aesthetic requirements. The invisible threshold option offers easy access to people with special needs and allows maximum convenience for open areas for gatherings. Latest designed and top-quality rolling hinges, sliding smoothly on the bottom rail, ensure quiet and easy operation of the system.

Doorwin bifold doors are a great solution for ultra-large openings, we can make it up to 18 door panels with a total of 50ft long and 10ft high. Our bifold doors can give you the best panoramic view and effortless entrance whether commercial or residential need.

As the lead manufacturer of high-end windows and doors market in the U.S., we can handle all ranges of windows and doors, we are also well-placed to discuss everything about bifold doors.

Integral Blinds

01 / Mordern and Aesthetically Pleasing

Integral binds are designed to offer a modem, aesthetically pleasing and no hassle solution to curtains and internally hung bilinds.

With the binds being hermetically sealed inside the glass unit, It means that you never have to worry about getting your duster out again!

The binds come with a facility to slide up and down and tilt to reduce light if needed. This is achieved using magnets located on the outer casing of the blid which you simply slide up and down to operate the different facilities.

The blinds are available in 16 different colors and you are also able to specify different colors for the outer casing and the fans giving you the opportunity to have something totally unique.

This beautiful addition acts as the perfect accessory to our stunning bi-folding doors.

Thermal Performance

02 / Let the Warm In, Keep the Cold Out.

Weather Out, Heat In

Our Bi-fold Door is designed to offer you the perfect door for all seasons. In summer, cast them wide and let the fresh air in; In wither, seal them tight and cozy up in the warmth without ever losing your stunning view. Come rain or shine, it affords you a warm and comfortable space with complete weather protection. This door also can be specified with triple glazing and can achieve and impressive U-Value of below 1.0 (the lower, the better) meaning that our doors are outstandingly good at keeping the warmth in and the cold out.

Our doors include multiple rigid rubber seals and draught excluders to ensure that you get nothing but sunlight passing through your doors. Thermal break aluminum profile system utilizes the latest polyamide thermal barrier technology. This advanced profilt technology creates a thermal transmittance barrier between the cold outside and the warm inside keeping your home warm and comfortable even in the coldest weather. Glass specification is key when affecting the products thermal performance as it generally accounts for 80% of the surface area of the product. Each door set carries double glazed units incorporating Low E toughened safety glass as standard manufactured and tested in accordance with european and north american standards. The glass options available all vary in their individual thermal performance with glass unit center panel U-values starting at 1.6W/m2k,going down to 1.2W/m2k.

What’s a U-Value?

A U-Value is a measure of heat loss. It demonstrates how well parts of a building transfer heat. This means that the lower the U-Value, the better the thermal performance of the window or door. With a U-Value of less than 1, you can see that our bi-fold door conserves energy very successfully!

This is good news for you and your savings, as it means less heat escapes through these doors when closed- so you don’t need to worry about spending as much on your energy bills.

03 / Profiles

Doorwin applies the best thermal break aluminum for ultra-large bifold patio doors. Thermal break aluminum is a material that applies a polyamide bar (PA66 Nylon) between the interior and exterior aluminum to stop heat transmission, also known as thermally broken aluminum. The polyamide bar is usually non-metal. The polyamide we use is from the world-famous brand Technoform Bautec™ (www.technoform.com). Thermal breaks have decreased aluminum frame U-factors (heat loss rate) from roughly 2.0 to about 1.0 Btu/hr-sq. ft-°F. In hot climates. Our thermal break aluminum is more than 1.4 mm in thickness, which is much thicker and stronger than most companies.

04 / Glazing

For glass, we provide fully tempered glass as our standard options. With US standards and NFRC certifications, our energy-efficient integrated glazing units (IGU) feature double or triple panes glasses, warm-edge spacers, argon gas fill, Low-E coatings, and fully tempered glass, greatly improve the energy efficiency of the entire door. They can not only create a comfortable and natural indoor environment but also save electricity bills and heating bills around 300~500USD per year according to your whole building’s fenestration areas. That’s a real bargain compared to choosing a regular glazing set.

05 / Hardware & Colors

For windows and doors, hardware is as important as the engine is to the car. The continuous technological innovation of the European hardware industry has strongly promoted the performance improvement and functional innovation of windows and doors.

Doorwin uses world-famous hardware brand Savio multi-point locks, hinges, and handles. With the highest quality hardware on our windows and doors, they are certified top-class quality with exhaustively tested in line with the strictest of guidelines and quality requirements. At the same time, creativity is another significant added value in products that have the functions of aesthetic comfort, easy assembly, modularity, and sustainability at the same time.

06 / Sliding Doors vs Bifold Doors

Another factor some owners have is whether they have adequate room for bifold doors, but on the opposite, they're a really excellent choice for smaller-sized spaces. Unlike sliding doors, you don't have to have sufficient wall area to suit several moving panes, as the doors leave stacked against each other when opened instead of completely remaining in the track.

One factor property owner might be hesitant to select bifold doors is the number of sightlines needed compared to sliding doors, which typically have a 'glass wall surface' effect. In another way, bifold doors are constructed from several door panels, each with its own framework. With all designs of aluminum doors, the 'more glass, less framework' values continue to be, providing slimline frameworks that can improve the design's general appearance.

About Doorwin Packing & Shipping System

Doorwin's professional packing system guarantees all productsare delivered safely and without any damage. We apply afour-point packing system. Firstly, adhesive plastic film is applied on interior wood frames and exterioraluminum frames to avoidscratches on the surface. Then, a paper board is applied after we apply air bubble film surrounding the whole windows/ doors to avoid anydestruction or clash. Lastly, we place them into a durable non-fumigation plywood crate to avoid any possible damage during transportation.

With yearsof experience shipping our products worldwide, we could guarantee to ship our products to their final destinations intact and without any damage.

About Doorwin Factories

Doorwin is one of the most professional window & door manufacturersare knownfor its great customized products. In Doorwin, a variety of colors, styles, and sizes of products are available to meet the client’s uniquerequirements. We own threeISO9000-certified modern factories in China. With a factory area of 20,000 m2and a production capacity of 100,000 m2per year. Doorwin Group has the scale to ensure timely delivery and the flexibility to reduce manufacturing lead times to as short as 18 days.

Feel free to contact us any time, and you could receive a free corner sample if you wish!